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8/19/18 Parent Newsletter

Dear 4th Grade Parents,                                   August 19, 2018                                                                                   

It is hard to believe that it’s almost time for school to begin again! I hope you and your families have enjoyed the summer and are now feeling ready for school to start! I know that I am very excited for a new year with new 4th graders and new learning, opportunities, and growth. Welcome to 4th grade!

There are some changes here at UID as we welcome our new principal Jenn Cote! There will also be some other new faces. Jen Dumas is our special educator this year. Dan Dennison is our new custodian and Rhoda Drake is our Title 1/Learning Resource person. And Jennifer Caron is returning to UID as our guidance counselor! In addition, we have two new students! Collin and Victoria Farrell are twins who have moved to our school district from Johnson. I know we will all give them a warm welcome into our school and community! Finally, we will have a student teacher in our classroom this fall.

Carolyn Richards will join us for the first half of the year as our student teacher. She is a graduate of MMU and the University of Vermont. Her degree is in environmental studies and her time with us will enable her to get her degree in elementary education. She is passionate about so many things: the environment, science, working with kids, farm to school initiatives, gardening, reading, foraging, and herbalism. She spent a year with AmeriCorps where she served at Green Mountain Farm to School in Newport, VT. Her role was providing a variety of food and environmental education to students pre-K to 8th grade. She recently spent 3 weeks traveling in Israel where she trekked from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee! I am so happy she is joining us and I know she will bring new ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm to our classroom.

4th grade is a wonderful part of your child’s education. 4th graders are ready for more complex, engaging, and authentic learning experiences while at the same time they maintain that joy of learning and innocence. Social relationships begin to take center stage at this age as students begin to forge stronger friendship bonds. All of this helps them as they later move into the middle school environment. While 4th grade in part prepares them for this big step, it is also a time to deepen understanding and build a strong foundation of concepts, skills, and habits of mind.

Once the school year begins, I will be sharing schedules, curriculum information, expectations for the classroom and what homework will look like. Most of this will be on our blog. I am including the link for it below. This blog will have the weekly newsletter as well as photos and descriptions of what we are currently learning and experiencing. Once you click on the link to the blog, you can then subscribe to it by putting in your email. That way you will be alerted to new posts. In addition, I will email the newsletter to everyone in class you are unable to check the blog. Please let me know that you received this email so I can ensure that my contact list is accurate. Thank you so much!

Enjoy the time left before the first day of school. There are no supplies that students need to bring, however I do know they like to pick out their own personal school things and that’s fine! Desk boxes were installed on our tables this summer so they have a safe space to keep things like pencils and erasers. My email is Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. My door at school is always open too, literally! I look forward to a wonderful year ahead!

Tracy Lavallee

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