Friday, September 28, 2018

9/28/18 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                           9/28/18

It is hard to believe that September is almost over!  We have been in school for a month now and I feel like as a classroom community, we have created some very strong connections and bonds!!  We have come together as a team, supporting and encouraging each other to do our best!  It has been wonderful to watch this amazing group of students grow in such a short amount of time. 

Students did their first on-demand writing prompt this week.  It was a small moment story that they needed to first brainstorm about and then had 45 minutes to write and edit their story!  It is an opportunity for us to see where they are as writers at the beginning of 4th grade.  From there we will work on the process of writing and editing skills.  Our first unit is realistic fiction and we will use our small moments as jumping off points. 

In math we are finishing up exploring patterns.  Students created their own growing patterns and then made a chart using the rule to go up to 10.  Students even began to see how rules can help us calculate the number of blocks no matter how many shapes there are.  If the rule is times 3, then the 100th shape will be 300! So exciting to see them make this connection.  We have practiced making charts as a strategy to help us solve problems.  Next week we will begin our unit on multiplication and division. These concepts as well as fractions are the focus of 4th grade. We want our students to be fluent with their multiplication facts by June.  This is so important as they move into middle school.

Homework will start next Monday. Homework will go home on Mondays and need to be returned the following Monday.  Students will have a folder that they will bring home and then return with their finished homework each week.  Included in their folder is what our expectations are for homework as well as a checklist that parents need to initial when students complete each assignment. Typically homework will include spelling, math practice, cursive, reading and MobyMax.  Sometimes there will be other assignments that related to science and/or social students. For our first week we will keep it simple to help get students back in the swing of homework.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if  you have any questions about homework!

If you haven't returned the field trip permission form and/or the parent/teacher form, please do so as soon as possible. I plan to send a conference confirmation of day and time out next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Open House is Thursday night! Such a wonderful time for students to share what they have been working on with you!  We are looking forward to seeing all of you as well.

Please enjoy the pictures of our learning below and have a wonderful weekend!

Tracy and Carolyn

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