Sunday, December 9, 2018

12/07/18 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                         December 7, 2018

It has been wonderful being back with the students this week! Even though I was in the building last week, I missed them! I know that Carolyn's solo week went very well and that she is ready to begin her teaching career once she leaves us. We have been so lucky to have her!

A few notes about upcoming events.  The Winter Lights Concert and craft fair is on December 18th.  I think one of the calendars says December 11th. Originally it was planned for the 11th but Mrs. D asked to change it to the 18th awhile back.  Hopefully everyone knows that it is now the 18th.

We will be making our crafts this coming Friday, the 14th.  I am setting aside some time in the morning from 9:30-11:30 for this.  If you are able to come help, we would appreciate it!  We have quite a few crafts to make!

The shopping for our adopted family (with the money raised from the craft fair) will be on Wednesday, the 19th.  Hopefully you got a permission slip if your child is one of the ones going.  Most of our class will be going, except for those who went in previous years.  They will stay at school and work with the younger students during the morning.  We will also ask them to help with the wrapping.  We love this UID tradition.  It has made such a wonderful difference for so many families over the years. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Tracy and Carolyn

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