Friday, March 8, 2019

3/8/19 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                                March 8, 2019

Welcome back and happy March!  I hope you and your child enjoyed some time together over the winter break!  It was nice to see everyone's smiling faces when we returned on Wednesday!

We are right back in the swing of it!  We are now focusing on improper fractions and how to visually represent them.  This will help us to express them as mixed numbers.  We continue to review comparing fractions and finding equivalents.  Next week, we will begin to make the connection from fractions to decimals.

In reading, we are reading short reading passages to practice recognizing the main idea and then finding supporting details. This will help as we learn how to summarize non-fiction reading passages and texts. Students will also begin practicing note taking and putting the main idea and details into their own words.  We are reading a variety of non-fiction texts such as news articles and every day types of non-fiction reading like restaurant menus!  We also plan to do some 'non-fiction' readers' theater again to practice fluency.  Our next reading project will go home next week.  Students can pick a book of their choice, fiction or non-fiction for this project.  After this, there will be two more book projects.  Thank you for all your support of these projects at home. Homework will begin again on Monday as usual!

In writing, we continue to focus on persuasive writing and looking at the strategies we can use as well as who our audience is.  Students are practicing using the logos strategy which involves finding supporting statistics and data to back up their thesis topic.  We are so impressed by the level of topics students are concerned about and interested in.  These include writing about endangered species, littering, the use of plastic and our environment!! 

Next week, Sylvia will begin teaching her first unit to the students. We collaboratively wrote the Vermont History unit and she is excited to teach it!!  It is an inquiry and project based unit, that will allow students to not only learn about what our states history is, but how our state has changed over time historically, geographically, politically, and economically.

Report cards will go home on Wednesday, March 13 and parent conferences will begin on Thursday and go into the following week. We are looking forward to meeting with you and sharing your child's successes so far this year!

Our share theme for next week is: something artistic/creative (it can be something they have made or something they have that is artistic/creative).

It seems like this time of year flies by.  Be sure to check the Grapevine for other important upcoming events. Next week we will include more pictures in the newsletter.  We only got a few this week!

Have a great weekend!!  Enjoy the warmer temperatures!

Tracy and Sylvia

Creating a food web with our 8th grade "teachers" from BRMS!

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