Friday, April 19, 2019

4/19/2019 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                          April 19, 2019

It feels like Spring is finally here! My first solo week was both enjoyable and busy! Luckily we got to spend some extra time outside to enjoy this warm spring weather Thursday afternoon. It's looking like the warmth is here to stay over break as well!

The chicks went home with Bill on Thursday, we all enjoyed having them in the classroom and learned so much from the experience. The students got the chance to share what they've learned through this chick hatching experience with the Kindergartners when they came by to visit. If you are interested in buying any of the chicks you can contact Bill Fulton for details.

We were able to squeeze some play practice into our busy week. The students are practicing expressing their lines through both the tone and expression in their voices as well as in their body movements. We are working on developing a list of costume and set materials, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks!

In Math, we started Unit 7 this week which starts off with Multiplication and Division. This week students are working with two-digit by two-digit multiplication. Students have been practicing estimating the product of multiplication problems as a strategy to check the reasonableness of their answers, they have been working on breaking apart more complex multiplication problems into tens and ones, and they have spent some time making models of multiplication problems on the thousands chart using open arrays.

In Reading, students continue to look at non-fiction texts. Students have been working to find the key words/phrases, the main idea, and supporting details of non-fiction readings and to use this information to develop a summary in their own words. This week we have been working on summarizing longer articles by looking at the main ideas of each section. We will continue to look at non-fiction texts after break and work towards summarizing non-fiction books in their entirety.

In Writing we have started out information writing unit. Students were able to choose an animal from the National Wildlife Foundation page to gather research. Students are practicing informational writing by creating headings and paragraph sections when writing about their animals to create their first short informational book of the unit. We will add text features such as diagrams, a glossary, bolded words, and a table of contents.

In Social Studies, students worked on creating a timeline of Vermont's history. We have split Vermont's history into eight time periods, students have been working in small groups to research and write about the people, events, and description of their time period in Vermont. Last week the students were able to learn about and practice the idea of a timeline and chronological order by creating timelines of their own lives before making our Vermont history timeline. We will wrap up our Vermont history unit after break.

Below are some of the upcoming events to watch out for!

There are also some important links to view!  Happy spring break.  Here's hoping for some lovely spring weather!!

Tracy and Sylvia

This link is for Donors Choose.  It is how we will raise money for our class gift to UID.   Please check it out and share with people you know!  For the next 7 days they will match any contribution up to $50!!  Use code LIFTOFF. Thank you all!!

Support our class gift for UID

These are the links for our end of 4th grade trip.  The paper copies will come home after the break with homework that Monday we return!  We will keep the link up in case copies get lost!!

Volunteer sign up for 4th grade end of year trip

4th grade trip permission slip

Upcoming Events

May 3:  BRMS students along with Mr. Martin and Mr. Hamilton will be here to present and answer questions about 5th grade with our students.  My child as a learner form was mailed out to all 4th grade parents yesterday. It is due back to BRMS April 29th. You may send it back to us and we will make sure it gets there!

May 6:  The last book project, biographies, will come home.  The Wax Museum is scheduled for June 6th in the afternoon.  It will begin at 1:00 and continue til the end of the day. Students here in grades K-3 will cycle through as well as any parents who are able to attend.

May 7-May 16:  SBAC's.  The exact dates are May 7, 9, and 10.  Then May 14-16.  There are many sections to the texts and spreading it out makes the  most sense for young students and their ability to focus.  We will allow mints and other hard candies for during the testing.  Mrs. Cote will be sending home a letter as well about the testing. If you have any questions just let us know!

May 22:   Art Show and Concert  UID K-4
May 30:   4th Grade Track Meet at MMU
June 3:  Move Up Day 4th graders spend all day in 5th grade at BRMS
June 6:  Wax Museum
June 7:  Mills Riverside Park  Day
June 10:  4th Grade Play (2 shows.  1st 8:00-8:40 am and 2nd 1:30-2:10 pm)  This is also the rain date for the Mills Riverside event.  In the event of rain we will reschedule for June 11th.
June 13:  4th Grade Trip  8:00-6:30 pm  (Details to come)
June 14:  UID All School Celebration
June 17: Last day of school (fingers crossed!)  4th Grade Graduation 1:00 pm.  (this time may change)

                                                       Warm fuzzy Celebration!!

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