Friday, May 10, 2019

5/10/2019 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                                      May 10, 2019

It's hard to believe that there are only 5 weeks left of school!  A very busy time of year too!  We have included the dates of events again below.  These are also all in the Grapevine that Jenn Cote emails to everyone.

We have finished the ELA (english language arts) portion of the SBACs!!  It was hard, but everyone persevered and did their best!  We are very proud of their efforts and know they will put forth the same perseverance into the math SBACs next week!  Again, hard candy is allowed like life savers, mints or tic tacs.  No gum please.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be the two testing days this week and make ups will be on Thursday and Friday.

There will continue to be many forms and permission slips coming home so please make sure to ask your child to pass them along!  Currently the ones due are the 4th grade trip, the Exemplars release form, and permission for the whole school bowling trip.  Please return these as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Information about the up-coming 4th grade track meet and volunteer sign up will come home on Monday.  If you have any questions about this please let us know. It has become an annual event and an opportunity for all northend 4th graders to get together before the official move up day!

We are also including a list of props and costumes we need for our play.  If you have any of these that we could borrow, you may send them in or check with us to make sure they will work.  We are getting very excited about performing this for you all!!  Here is the link:

Props and Costume Needs

Sylvia's last day is Friday the 17th.  We are going to really miss her.  At the same time, she also plans to be here for a number of our end of year events and plans on helping with the play as well!  So we will see quite a bit of her before the year end.  A big congratulations to her for successfully completing her student teaching and will be graduating from college as well!!!!  I know we all wish her all the success in the world!

I think that it all for now!  We will try to slow these last few weeks down!

Happy Mothers Day and Happy Weekend!

Tracy and Sylvia

Volunteer sign up for 4th grade end of year tript

4th grade trip permission slip

Upcoming Events

May 7-May 16:  SBAC's.  The exact dates are May 7 and 9.  Then May 14 and 15.  Make up days are May 10 and 16.  There are many sections to the tests and spreading it out makes the  most sense for young students and their ability to focus.  We will allow mints and other hard candies for during the testing.

May 22:  Art Show and Concert  UID K-4  Art Show and Concert Information
May 24:  Bowling
May 30:  4th Grade Track Meet at MMU
June 3:  Move Up Day 4th graders spend all day in 5th grade at BRMS
June 6:  Wax Museum
June 7:  4th Grade Play  1:30-2:10 pm
June 10:  Mills Riverside Park  Day
June 13:  4th Grade Trip  8:00-6:30 pm
June 14:  UID All School Celebration
June 17: Last day of school.  4th Grade Graduation 1:00 pm.  (this time may change)

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