Friday, September 6, 2019

Parent Newsletter 9/6/19

Dear Parents,                                                                    September 6, 2019

Happy September!  This week just flew by! Even the students were surprised that it is Friday!  It's been a wonderful week and everyone is really working hard on learning the routines and expectations!

This week we have continued to practice these expectations during the day:  how we transition, how we come to the circle, how we walk down the hall, etc.  As 4th graders they have many of these down pat but sometimes still need a reminder.  Unified Art teachers have complimented them numerous times this week on their behavior!  They are truly a wonderful group of kids.

Our focus this year is on the idea of Joyful Learning.  We have been sharing our ideas about what this looks like in the classroom. We have also been learning about how our brain works.  This helps us to focus on having a growth mindset.  The idea that the brain can learn and grow can help students to take risks, to persevere and to not give up.  Our brains are pretty amazing and we are enjoying learning more about how they work.   We continue to work in teams, and doing STEM challenges. This week involved popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners to make a structure that can stand on it's own and is as tall as it can be.  We love these because they also challenge our brains to think outside the box!

We also began to practice some of the important science skills that we will use this year.  We started with observation, looking at the world more closely and describing in detail what we notice.  We used magnifiers and microscope to observe even more closely.  We collected things from the field and woods by the school and brought in different things to look at.  We have also practiced quiet reading and what this looks like.  Reading quietly for approximately 45 minutes is the goal for 4th grade.

Homework will start in a couple of weeks.  The home folder will have everything in it and will go home on Mondays.   Students will be asked to bring their homework back the following Monday.  Regular notices and forms from the school will come home on Thursdays.  I am getting used to some new routines myself!  More to come on homework later.

Next week we will be digging into math, looking at patterns and balanced equations as well as some problem solving.  We will also start more formal reading instruction and practice.  We will be continuing our observations of the natural world in science and then creating detailed sketches and desciptions.

Thanks to all the parents who sent in extra snacks!  We are completely out!  As I mentioned before, it is a long morning before lunch time so extra snacks for your child are important.  I will pick up some things this weekend and appreciate any donations again!! Thank you!

Students will need to bring in a picture next week for the bulletin board in the hallway. All the 4th graders will have their pictures hanging up there. If you need to, you can also send me a picture and I can print it from here. Thank you for your help with this!

Please send in the field trip permission form as soon as you can!  I have never done this particular activity at the Maritime Museum so I am really looking forward to it!

Enjoy the pictures below and have a great weekend! Fall is in the air!


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