Friday, November 22, 2019

Parent Newsletter 11/22/19

Dear Parents,                                                                 November 22, 2019

Another interesting week with the snow day!  Seems that winter is off to an early start here in Vermont even though it technically doesn't start for another month!

We had some guest visitors from the Union Bank this week who taught us about Saving for Success.  We learned how important it is to save money and how it all works.  I am sending home the packet they gave us so you can see what it's all about and if you would like your child to participate. It is completely optional!

We also got to do some fun activities with a huge map of Vermont that was brought in from the Vermont Geographic Alliance. Check out he pictures out below to see what we did!

When we return after Thanksgiving, we will be starting a couple new units: in math and writing.  We will be moving on to Unit 3 in math which is all about strategies for multiplying larger numbers.  One really important strategy is breaking numbers apart to make the multiplying easier. This idea of partial products helps students to understand more deeply how multiplication works vs. memorizing the algorithm. Eventually some students will be ready for the algorithm, but it's usually much later in the school year.

In writing we will shift our focus to non-fiction writing.  Students will learn about text features and how they help us with comprehension.  Students will begin by writing expert books and then  onto topics that they don't much about, to become experts and share their  learning with us by writing a non-fiction book.  In reading, once we finish up our book clubs, we will also do the work for non-fiction reading. Both units are a lot of fun and I know all the kids will enjoy these units.

Report cards will go home on Monday December 2.  While report cards are meaningful, it is only one way to report information about how your child is doing.  Please remember that it shows their progress currently and so there may be twos that mean we are working on that and they don't completely understand yet, or aren't able to demonstrate it consistently.  Twos reflect moving towards understanding and application.   If you have any questions or concerns about report cards, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks to all the families that purchased books from the book fair for our library!!  The kids are always excited to get new books to read and I am too!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. May you enjoy this time with friends and family.


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