Friday, September 21, 2018

9/21/18 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                                        9/21/18

Happy Friday!  It's been a great week in 4th grade.  Lots of learning and having fun.  At times the students didn't even know they were learning because they were having so much fun!  This engagement is what we strive for in education. Several students stated "This isn't math, this is fun!".  We love hearing things like this.  Learning should be fun, and joyful.  We saw so many students persevering too, as they worked out different and challenging number patterns.  When students are engaged in their learning, they are much more willing to keep going and to persevere when solving problems. 

We have continued to think about small moments and how to narrow down our writing topics. We are also beginning to explore different character traits and finding evidence in the stories we read to support our ideas.  We began by looking at our own character traits, writing those down, and will be gathering evidence from our lives that demonstrate these traits. In math, we looked at number patterns and whether they are repeating patterns or growing patterns.  We then explored the coolest number pattern:  Fibonacci's Numbers! We investigated different flowers, like sunflowers and black-eyed susans, and how they demonstrate this pattern. It was a great way to connect what we are doing in math with our science! 

There will be a field trip permission slip going home today. We plan to go to the Shelburne Museum on October 8th.  We will doing the Passport Learning experience: Early Life in Vermont.  We are very excited to kick off our Vermont unit with this trip.  Please return to school as soon as possible and if you plan on chaperoning, please make sure to fill out volunteer form here: Volunteer Sign-up Form

The information for school pictures is also coming home today.  School pictures will be Tuesday, October 1st.  The hike has been rescheduled for Friday, September  28th. UID's Open House will be Thursday, October 4th. We are excited to share what we have done with you!  In addition, we will be sending home the parent/teacher conference sign up sheet next week!  We will be offering conferencing during a two week time frame with one late night, October 10-24. The late night will be October 18th.

A note from Miss Carolyn:  as part of her certification process and teaching portfolio, she will be including photos of students and their work.  We have photo releases here at school for our school based websites but if any parents would rather their child's photo not be included in her portfolio, please let us know.  Thanks so much!

Enjoy the pictures from our week below and enjoy your weekend!

Tracy and Carolyn


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