Friday, September 7, 2018

9/7/18 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                                  9/7/18

Happy September!  It has been a wonderful first 7 days getting to know the students,
learning the routines, and practicing our teamwork and leadership skills.  As we move
 into next week, we will begin to do some pre-assessments in spelling, writing, and reading
to see where the students are currently!  Sometimes there can be a lot of growth over the

We will also start incorporating more and more academics into our schedule.  At the same
 time we will continue to practice the routines and include opportunities for team building.
 These will help us throughout the year and can't be rushed!  Also, as part
of our curriculum, we are also learning about our brains.  How it learns and
 how it can change and grow.  Students are thinking about ways they can change
their ideas about learning certain subjects and learning about the power of Not Yet!! 
We are excited to watch them grow this year!

Below are a few (well quite a few) pictures from this past week.  We were able to
get outside to begin observing the world around us as we learn to do
what scientists do.  There are also pictures of our teamwork activities: 
roll a monster and building the tallest tower with only 15 index cards.  We have been
discussing what skills we need to work successfully as a team such as
problem solving, compromising, brainstorming and more!  We also created
our lists of hopes and dreams for this year.  There are also a few pictures from
our first all school meeting where we gave our incoming kindergarteners
carnations. We look forward to sharing our work during Open House on October 4th.

Upcoming is our school hike too.  It is on September 21 in the afternoon.
Please see the note below about volunteering for these types of events as well as field trips!

If you plan to volunteer at any school event this year (including field trips), please
click on the following link and fill out the Google form. Thank you!

As we begin our first science unit, we would love some donations of dish soap! 
We will be exploring and investigating the properties of bubbles and use a
lot of dish soap!  Joy and dawn are the best.  Thank you in advance!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. We are so happy that the weather is cooler!

Tracy and Carolyn


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