Friday, November 30, 2018

11/30/18 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                             November 30, 2018

It's hard to believe that November is over and December is here.  It will definitely be a busy month here at UID with so many different activities happening over the next 3 weeks!

It's been a great week here in 4th grade. Miss Carolyn is wrapping up her solo week and I even got to be a guest teacher for her on Thursday as she had a drs. appt as well as go on the field trip with them on Wednesday!.  I have missed the students very much and I am looking forward to getting back into the classroom.

Although I wasn't always physically present, Carolyn and I did plan together what the students would be doing during her time with them.  We took a break from our addition and subtraction unit in math and dived into data collection, representation with line plots, and describing what we notice about the data. Students learned about things like range of data, outliers, typical, median as well as having some fun see how many hops they could do in a minute. Next week we will return to our previous unit and move back into adding and subtracting large numbers using the U.S. standard algorithm (formerly known as carrying and borrowing!)

We had our first writing boot camp yesterday. Students learned some fun kick boxing moves as they developed a thesis statement and 3 supporting reasons for their essays about ice cream.  This is a unit where we will write several different types of essays, practicing the strategy of using boxes and bullets to help organize and structure our writing. 

In reading, students did a book tasting on Monday, finding just right books that they were excited to read. We are practicing how we can talk about books with each other.  We practiced what it looks like and sounds like.  We will wrap up this reading unit before the holiday break.  Students can always continue to read fiction for their pleasure reading time and at home!  We will be moving into non-fiction reading in January.  Another book project will also come home in January. So look for that when the time comes!

Our field trip on Wednesday was amazing! We learned so much about how dams work and how water is a renewable resource that we can use to produce energy.  Before going we were able to investigate how motors work and what Faraday's Coil is. Students are now thinking about both renewable and nonrenewable forms of energy and collecting data about the energy they use at their homes. Thank you for your help with this!  Ultimately students will learn about conservation and things we can do both at home and at school to make a difference!

Our winter sing along and craft fair is on December 18th. We will be making our crafts to sell on Friday, December 14th in the morning. If you would like to join us to help, please let me know!  We will be making 3 crafts for that day and any help is appreciated!

I think that's all for now.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Enjoy all this snow!!

Tracy and Carolyn

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