Friday, February 8, 2019

2/8/19 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                           February 8, 2019

It's been a great week here in 4th grade!   We have finished up many projects and assignments which always feels good.  We took advantage of in-between times to have "study hall" and it enabled us to get some things done!

I won't be including any photos this week, instead below are the videos of each of the commercials the students did.  They did an amazing job and were able to utilize the persuasive strategies very effectively.  Enjoy them!!  Next week, I will upload photos from this week and next week!

We also finished up our unit on Natural Resources.  For next week's homework there will be an assignment to do as a family.  It is intended to help us all  thing about the little things we can do that make a difference for our planet. Students will read a brief article about saving energy and then as a family you will decide on one thing (and you can always do more!) to do at home to save energy. Attached to that is a spread sheet of kilowatt /hr. costs for a variety of appliances, gadgets, as well as heating and cooling.  Students have looked at something similar so that they have an idea about what things use the most energy.  This is a rough estimate of real costs, but definitely shows where we use most of our household energy.  There will be a piece of paper for you to fill out as part of this homework assignment. Thank you for your help with this!  We can all make a difference!

Another field trip permission slip is coming home today.  This one is for a transition activity at UCS.  It's an opportunity for our 4th graders to meet the other 4th graders from both UCS and JES before middle school!  There will be other opportunities as well before move-up day on June 3rd. Please sign that permission form as well as the one for the State House and return to school as soon as possible. 

Students decided that the share theme next week is a free choice.  The science experiments were wonderful and we learned so much from each other!  We may have to do that one again!!  Thank you for your help with this. Valentines Day is Thursday.  We will be exchanging Valentines that day.  A list of students in our class was sent home last week.  Please let us know if you need another one.

Please see the Grapevine for other upcoming school events.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy the sunshine!

Tracy and Sylvia


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