Friday, April 12, 2019

4/12/2019 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                          April 12, 2019

Just a quick note this week.  One that is going to include many dates!!  There is so much going on over the last few months that we want to make sure we don't forget anything!

We have had a number of chicks hatch!  I am sure your child has told you all about it!  It truly is an amazing experience to watch them hatch and grow.  We are quite smitten with them and they have definitely imprinted on our hearts!  Below are just a few photos.

Sylvia begins her solo week on Monday.  She will update you on Friday about what they did during the week.  I will also be here, not in the classroom, but available for assistance and planning.  We are all looking forward to it!  She is definitely ready!

There will be no homework next week because of the upcoming spring recess.  It will go home again on April 29th. Also, during SBAC's there will be no homework. More about that in May!

Our new share theme is talents!  So they can share a talent of theirs!!

Here are the important dates for upcoming events:

May 3:  BRMS students along with Mr. Martin and Mr. Hamilton will be here to present and answer questions about 5th grade with our students.  My child as a learner form was mailed out to all 4th grade parents yesterday. It is due back to BRMS April 29th.

May 6:  The last book project, biographies, will come home.  The Wax Museum is scheduled for June 6th in the afternoon.  It will begin at 1:00 and continue til the end of the day. Students here in grades K-3 will cycle through as well as any parents who are able to attend.

May 7-May 16:  SBAC's.  The exact dates are May 7, 9, and 10.  Then May 14-16.  There are many sections to the texts and spreading it out makes the  most sense for young students and their ability to focus.  We will allow mints and other hard candies for during the testing.  Mrs. Cote will be sending home a letter as well about the testing. If you have any questions just let us know!

May 22:   Art Show and Concert  UID K-4
May 30:   4th Grade Track Meet at MMU

June 3:  Move Up Day
June 6:  Wax Museum
June 7:  Mills Riverside Park  Day
June 10:  4th Grade Play (2 shows.  1st 8:00-8:40 am and 2nd 1:30-2:10 pm)  This is also the rain date for the Mills Riverside event.  In the event of rain we will reschedule for June 11th.
June 13:  4th Grade Trip  8:00-6:30 pm  (Details to come)
June 14:  UID All School Celebration
June 17: Last day of school (fingers crossed!)  4th Grade Graduation 1:00 pm.  (this time may change)

I will continue to post these in each newsletter.

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to some spring like weather!!

Tracy and Sylvia

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