Friday, May 17, 2019

5/17/2019 Parent Newsletter

Dear Parents,                                                                       May 17, 2019

SBAC's are done!!!  We are so happy to be finished.  The students work hard and did their best!  We are very proud of them and we are grateful for all the support and encouragement  you gave them as their parents.  It definitely is a team effort!!

During these past two weeks we have also been learning! We have done a number of science investigations, practicing our observation skills as well as constructing explanations about different phenomena.  Below are some pictures of the things we have been exploring.  In math, we have begun our last unit on area and perimeter.  Students are learning the difference and how to calculate each with shapes that have different dimensions.  In writing, we finished up our non-fiction informational books and in reading we continue to practicing summarizing non-fiction.  It hasn't just been SBAC fun!!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated something for our teaching bag for Sylvia! She was so amazed and thankful!!  We are really going to miss having her every day, but we will see her during these next few weeks as she joins us for many of our end of year events.

We have included the updated list of events below.  Please make sure to send in all permission slips.  If you are not sure if you have or not just ask and we can let you know!  Also the PTO would like to know how many people, including yourselves, will be attending the 4th grade graduation on June 17th.  Please just send a quick email to let me know so I can pass that information onto them.  Thank you!!.  

We also sent the scenery, props and costume sign up spreadsheet in an email this week.  Please let us know if you have any questions or sign up for anything you can contribute!  We are very appreciative of your help!!  I have posted that link below as well!!

Hoping for some spring weather!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Tracy and Sylvia

Volunteer sign up for 4th grade end of year tript

4th grade trip permission slip

Upcoming Events

May 22:  Art Show and Concert  UID K-4  Art Show and Concert Information
May 24:  Bowling
May 30:  4th Grade Track Meet at MMU
June 3:  Move Up Day 4th graders spend all day in 5th grade at BRMS
June 6:  Wax Museum
June 7:  4th Grade Play  1:30-2:10 pm
June 10:  Mills Riverside Park  Day
June 13:  4th Grade Trip  8:00-6:30 pm
June 14:  UID All School Celebration

June 17: Last day of school.  4th Grade Graduation 12:45 pm. 

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