Friday, September 27, 2019

Parent Newsletter 9/27/19

Dear Parents,                                                                 September 27, 2019

Wow!  It has been a very busy two weeks!  There is lots to share as well as reminders for upcoming events!

We have spent some time learning about different endangered animals and ways we can help with saving them.  After researching as a class we decided to adopt an Amur Leopard.  These animals are critically endangered.  We received our stuff Amur Leopard and will continue to learn more about these incredible animals during the year.  We also adopted trees nearby on the trail.  We are using our observation skills to identify what kind of tree it is as well as gathering other important information.  We are excited to visit our trees throughout the year and discover the important role they play on our planet.

In math, we have continued with shape patterns.  We have explored repeating and growing patterns. Students are practicing identifying these and using a chart to organize the pattern in order to develop a rule.  We also created our own shape patterns. In reading we have begun our unit on narrative/fiction books.  Students picked just write books to read and are learning about character traits and finding evidence in the book to support their ideas about the main character.    In writing we are beginning to write personal narratives.  These stories are realistic fiction and will use many story elements as students develop a story line, main character, and plot.  We are starting with reviewing small moment stories and doing some storytelling as a way to rehearse our writing!

A reminder that Open House is next week on October 3 from 6-7 pm. We are excited to share everything we have been doing here in 4th grade.  We also have our field trip on Wednesday, October 2.  We are hoping for good weather!  Please make sure that your child has a bag lunch and snack. It will also be important to dress for the weather, like wearing mud boots if your child has them.

Next week I will be sending home our first book project.  On Tuesday, students will pick out and bring home the book they will be using for this project. I will also send home the information and what students need to create.  They will have 4 weeks for this project.  It is a home project, but if you have questions or need any other supplies, please let me know.  There will be a number of book projects this year.  Beginning the following week, I will send home official homework.  My philosophy is to keep it simple. Reading at home is the most important thing students can do.  I will also send home a practice math sheet or two of things the students are learning and practicing.  Occasionally there will be science or social studies homework as well as some word study work.  Any questions or concerns please let me know.

I also wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying getting to know your child and the community we are beginning to create in our classroom.  The routines and expectations are beginning to fall in place which makes our days go more smoothly.  Thank you for all your support at home and being a positve support for learning and education!!

Finally, parent/teacher conference will start the week of October 14th. I plan to offer one late night on Thursday, October 17th.  I will be sending a sign up sheet home next week. Please select your choices for time and day and return as soon as possible.  Thanks so much!  And thank you again for the extra snacks you have been sending in!  We appreciate it!

There are many pictures to share so enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy fall!


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