Friday, October 4, 2019

Parent Newsletter 10/4/19

Dear Parents,                                                                              October 4, 2019

It was great seeing so many of you last night!  The students were so excited to show you everything we've been doing!

It's been a very busy and fun week.  Our trip to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum was wonderful despite not being able to go out in the boats. The lake was indeed very windy and choppy. It wouldn't have been safe.  Students did learn about and try different water quality tests, looked at phytoplankton and zooplankton under a microscope and used dichotomous keys to sort different type of fish.  We learned what a watershed is and all the things that can impact its health. I took many many photos!  Enjoy them!

We are almost finished with exploring growing and repeaating patterns in math. We looked at Fibonacci numbers as an example of a growing pattern and how it is found in nature; with spirals, and number of leaves or petals as well.  We created the spiral pattern and looked for examples outside in the woods. We will finish up nexxt week, exploring balanced equations and patterns in multiplication.  This will be our next unit:  Multiplication and Division. These concepts are the most important in 4th grade as there are 3 units of instruction that are taught throughout the year!

Students are continuing to read just right books and exploring character traits.  We have also started discussing the setting(s) of the books we are reading. We began our first reader's theater experience.  Students are working with a partner and practicing their script. This helps with our reading fluency and the ability to read smoothly and with expression.  We will "perform" them for our class some time next week. In writing we are brainstorming ideas for writing small moment stories and putting these into a story arc that will help us organize and sequence our stories.

Conference forms went home yesterday.  Please fill in your choices and send back to school next week.  I will then set up times and dates for everyone and send you a confirmation notice for your conference.  There is a link to the form below in case yours gets misplaced.  Also, there is a link for the character book project directions. This also went home yesterday.  I sent home paper bags for kids to use that were donated by Mr. Bouchard.  They have a stamp on them but it will be covered by the students project!  Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  There is also a link to the slide show we had running last night if you didn't get a chance to see it!

Homework will start on Monday do please have your child bring back their homework folder. Read the homework expection note with your child.  The book project is part of homework, as well as quiet reading at home. There is a reading log (like the one we use hear at school) for students to use.  This gives me an idea of what kids are reading at home.  There will also be a math practice sheet. Next week it is a problem solver that involves using patterns.

Next week is our hike at Mills Riverside Park!  If you are interested in volunteering please let Lisa Paone at the office know or send me an email and I can pass it along to her.  Thank you!

Fall is definitely here and so make sure your child dresses for the weather!!  Many of us, including me, were cold at recess today.  Thanks for your help with this.

Finally, please make sure your child has enough snacks for during the day.  Many thanks to those who send in extra snacks for those who forget.  We do go through them pretty fast.  I will continue to supply some each week and any help is much appreciated!

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the foliage!!



Reading Project Character Bags

4th Grade Top 10 Things Slide Show

Conference Sign Up

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