Friday, November 15, 2019

Parent Newsletter 11/15/19

Dear Parents,                                                                     November 15, 2019

Another busy and crazy week. I did want you all to know that I was out on Wednesday due to my mom being in the hospital.  Fortunately, she is much better and is home now.  It can be difficult with aging parents and being the only sibling that lives in Vermont. I am glad I am able to be there for them when needed.  The students were great about it and are understanding the importance of being respectful to all guest teachers, whether in here, or another room.

I hope everyone received the school email regarding the Book Fair.  We will have a chance to preview it on Tuesday.  Please be sure to check out the revised schedule on the JES webpage.

Hopefully your child brought home their fantasy book for the next book project as well as the assignment.  I have a link below to the project if needed.  They are excited to make a themed game about their book!  We will all have a chance to play them in December when they are turned in.  Thanks in advance for your support of this!

There will be no homework next week except for reading and the reading project.  This is a time of assessing students, with report cards going home in early December.  We will be finishing up many units, assessing and then beginning new units. More on this later.   We did a number of math assessments this week and it was wonderful to see how well the students are doing understanding the concepts from the units of study.   Monday, I will be pulling students one by one, to do our reading assessment.

I wanted to let you know that we are unable to schedule our trip to the Hydro Dam.  Between their schedule and ours we cannot find a common time that works. Perhaps we will try again in the new year.

We are also in the midst of a number of science investigations about the properties of water.  Students are practicing asking questions, collecting data and drawing conclusions about the data to explain what they are learning.  See the pictures below.  It is such an important natural resource and we will spend a good chunk of time on learning and investigating as much as we can.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and hopefully warmer weather!


Fantasy Book Project

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